Curriculum vitae


Research Interests

International Trade and Investment

China’s Trade and Sustainable Development


Current Projects

“Economic Integration and Spatial Wage Differences: Is Differential Market Access Driving Inequality in China?” August 2017 (with Yang Liang and Hongsheng Zhang).

“Trade Liberalization and Labor Shares in China,” June 2015 (with Fariha Kamal and Devashish Mitra).



International Economic Integration and Domestic Performance, World Scientific Studies in International Economies, World Scientific Publishing, 2017.


Journal Articles and Book Chapters

“Intellectual Returnees as Drivers of Indigenous Innovation: Evidence from the Chinese Photovoltaic Industry,” (with Siping Luo and David C. Popp). The World Ecomony, forthcoming. Earlier version available as NBER Working Paper #19518.

“State Enterprise Reform in China: Grasp or Release?” (with Yang Liang) in Huizhong Zhou (ed.), The Impact of China’s Rise on the Pacific and Beyond, W.E. Upjohn Instituite for Employment Research, Kalamazoo, MI, forthcoming.

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