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Trade, Development, and Political Economy Group

The Trade, Development, and Political Economy (TDPE) Group works within the Maxwell School to advance understanding of the causes and consequences of globalization, the challenges of development, and the economic motivations for political action.  In addition to offering courses in international economics, development and economic theory, the Group organizes a seminar series through the Moynihan Institute for Global Affairs, under the leadership of Professor Devashish Mitra. Our faculty serve on program committees in the United States, and for research conferences in China and India.

The TDPE group enjoys dinner with Professor Jagdish Bhagwati and Professor Arvind Panagariya, both of Columbia University, following their public lecture, Why Growth Matters, October 24, 2013.


The current TDPE seminar schedule can be found at

2013-2014 Global Market and Development Series

Current Trade and Development Faculty

Mary E. Lovely  (Ph.D., University of Michigan)
  Devashish Mitra  (Ph.D., Columbia University)
Kristy Buzard (Ph.D., University of California, San Diego)
  Mengxiao Liu (Ph.D., University of Toronto)
  Piyusha Mutreja (Ph.D., University of Iowa)
   Abdulaziz Shifa (Ph.D., Stockholm University)

Associated Maxwell Faculty

John G. McPeak, PAIA

Daniel McDowell, PSC

Dimitar Gueorguiev, PSC


Former and Emeriti Trade and Development Colleagues

Lourenço Paz (2000-2015)

Vitor Trindade (2000-2005)

Raymond Robertson (1997-1999)

Theresa M. Greaney (1994 -2000)

Douglas R. Nelson  (1989-1993)

Nancy Benjamin (1986-1989)

David Richardson (1991-2013)


Ph.D. Recipients (Our family tree)