University Service

Senior Research Associate, Moynihan Institute

Executive Leadership

Successful six-year chair of largest interdisciplinary program in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS); following disruptive transfer of master’s program and its staff to PAIA, transformed the undergraduate program through effective, student-centered, faculty-driven administration.   Created IRP Executive Committee to ensure faculty oversight. Refined program curriculum in collaboration with Maxwell department chairs. Developed IR Distinction program for highly qualified undergraduates in the major.

Collaborated with the Maxwell School, CAS, and across the University to provide meaningful co-curricular events, speakers and programs in international relations, often funded with external grants. Supported and extended award-winning model United Nations teams. Worked closely with SU Abroad to improve academic programming and student advising.

Transformed IRP staff positions and personnel from ground up. Worked closely with staff to develop clear lines of responsibility and accountability; developed detailed job descriptions and personnel evaluation tools; created systematic rules for implementation of program requirements and ensured consistent treatment of similar cases; clearly located staff responsibility and raised morale and job satisfaction. Pioneered adoption of new technologies to enhance classroom and student services.

Prepared curriculum map and assignment plan for IR programs, as a part of ongoing Middle States accreditation process.

Extensive experience in faculty hiring, mentoring, and evaluation for promotion and tenure.

University Leadership

Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees, 2015-2017

Selected from the tenured faculty to be the Faculty Representative to the SU Board of Trustees. In this role, I attend meetings of the Board and Executive Committee and I regularly report to the Trustees on behalf of the faculty.   My reports to the Board focus on issues of importance to faculty, including challenges for faculty recruitment and retention, the faculty’s role in academic strategic planning; use of non-tenure-track faculty, and alternative ways to engage faculty in university shared governance.

Subject Matter Expert, SU Middle States Self-Assessment Team VII, 2016-17

As part of its accreditation process, SU is undertaking an extensive self-assessment of all aspects of university operations. My participation in the Assessment Team focuses on university governance, including the functions, resources and assessment procedures for the University’s top leadership teams.

University Senate, Academic Affairs Committee, 2010-11, 2014-17

The Academic Affairs Committee has a wide portfolio covering issues that are directly or tangentially related to our academic operations and performance. My work for the committee over the past few years has focused on revisions to the faculty manual, specifically, the position descriptions, policies, and procedures governing employment of full-time, non-tenure-track faculty. As chair of the subcommittee, I led the effort to propose revisions to current policies and to develop new policies where none existed. I also coordinated efforts to collect, incorporate and respond to campus-wide input on the proposed revisions. Revisions were approved by the SU Senate in Spring 2016 and accepted by the University Policy Committee and the Provost in Fall 2016.   They are currently being implemented university-wide.

Syracuse University Climate Assessment Planning Committee, 2015-17

One of two faculty members on a campus-wide committee charged with recommending actions to ensure full participation, inclusion and opportunity for advancement for all members of a diverse, multicultural community.   After selecting Rankin & Associates as consultant, the committee oversaw the implementation of a comprehensive survey of all students, faculty and staff to better understand the current learning, living, and working environment on campus. The committee is currently listening to feedback from the community on the survey results and ideas for positive change through a series of Campus Conversations, with recommendations to University Leadership due in late spring 2017.

Steering Committee, A&S Academic Strategic Planning Committee, 2016-17.

One of nine faculty members on a steering committee overseeing development of a new Strategic Plan for the College of Arts & Sciences.   I serve on the Research and Discovery subcommittee, but also participate in the development of goals for the Student Experience and for Diversity and Inclusion.

Chair, Dean of Arts and Sciences Search Committee, 2014.

As Chair of a 15-person committee containing representatives from multiple divisions within the College, I worked collaboratively to develop a new position statement and to define procedures for candidate selection, interviewing, and hosting during campus visits.   At a time of leadership transitions in the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor’s office, I guided the search process to promote faculty and administration collaboration and the selection of a dean with strong campus support.

Syracuse University Transformation Program Steering Committee, 2013.

Faculty representative to steering committee charged with providing an overview of campus operations and opportunities for improvement to the incoming Chancellor. We worked closely with Bain Associates in developing key areas for improvement and to lay the groundwork for a new University Strategic Plan.

Chair, University Senate Ad hoc Committee on Enrollment, 2010-12

As Chair, I guided the creation of the brief for and work of a committee created to address academic challenges created by increased enrollment. Worked closely with a wide variety of university departments to create new enrollment, staffing, and performance data for each school and college; addressed in depth three campus-wide concerns: increasing undergraduate class sizes, the need for enhanced services for integration of international students, and opportunities for deeper faculty-administration collaboration to raise academic quality and support student life.

Other University Service

Maxwell Faculty Council, 2015 – 2017, (President, 2015 – 2016.); CAS Grade Appeal Committee, 2007 – present; Arts and Sciences Faculty Council; Arts and Sciences Admissions Committee; Enrollment Management Advisory Board; Arts and Sciences Promotion and Tenure Committee;University Task Force on Benefits and Work/Life Issues.

Innovative and Inclusive Educator

Founder, Maxwell Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship; designed all aspects of the event in collaboration with IRP staff, program directors, and department Distinction directors.

Named Maxwell Professor of Teaching Excellence for innovationa in interdisciplinary programming.

Founder, Maxwell Celebration of Undergraduate Scholarship; designed all aspects of the event in collaboration with IRP staff, program directors, and department Distinction directors.

Founding director of Economics Distinction program, first such program in the Social Sciences; designed International Relations Distinction program.

Core Faculty Ph.D. International Trade and Development subfield, Economics Department; developed doctoral field courses, designed comprehensive exams and graduate training programs; chair or member of 20 doctoral dissertation committees.

Developer of co-curricular programs celebrating the Fall of the Berlin Wall and International Women’s Day; grant funded speaker series in Global Markets and Economic Development, Remembering the Berlin Wall, and International Development. Originator of the Conversation in IR Series, which introduces students to Maxwell Faculty and visitor research programs.

MAX 123 faculty member; developed original teaching cases with multidisciplinary teams of graduate students.

Served as undergraduate director in Economics for a total of 9 years, freeing department chairs to focus on other aspects of department management.

Development and International Institutional Partner

Faculty Representative to the SU Board of Trustees.

Skilled presenter to Advisory Boards in The College of Arts and Sciences and Maxwell.

Direct partnership with front-line college fundraisers, providing information on funding opportunities and targets of interest in undergraduate programs in the Social Sciences.

Represent the Maxwell School in planning meetings for joint educational programs with Chinese universities.

Chair, Christ Church Capital Campaign; Oversaw team responsible for all campaign materials, campaign design and implementation. Exceeded original target by raising $275,000 within 9 months.